He Had It Coming
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It’s all about getting even... We all know that women earn less than men, and unfortunately this also applies to the spoils of divorce. Veteran trial attorney and former divorce lawyer Stacy Schneider, Esq., knows what it takes to get women their fair share, and now, using examples from her own practice and her own divorce, she is making the strategies that worked for her available to you!
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"A GREAT READ" - Donald Trump | "Very often, power is unevenly distributed in a court of law. Money, prestige, contact and old-school favoritism can mingle together resulting in the wrong outcome. Stacy Shneider offers techniques to fight back." - Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News
He Had It Coming answers your questions, calms your nerves, and walks you through the process with confidence and control. Centered around her one-of-a-kind Pre-Divorce Plan, Schneider guides you through a divorce lawsuit, revealing insider information, divorce success secrets, and tactics, including:
• the answer to the number one question asked by wives on the verge of divorce
• secret steps every women should take before the divorce papers are filed
• a hidden asset search plan so you don't walk away with less than you deserve
• tried-and-true stealth negotiation techniques to get you what you want
• how to save thousands in legal fees by handling aspects of divorce yourself
• the way to hit a cheating spouse in his wallet.

Packed with checklists, strategic tips, sample practice dialogues, and firsthand pointers, He Had It Coming is the ultimate companion guide for any woman changing her “I do” to an “I don’t.”