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1. "What do I do now that my marriage is over?"

Start thinking strategically before the divorce papers are filed and prepare emotionally to fight for your marital share. Seventy-three percent of women experience a drop in their post-divorce standard of living. Most men see an increase. You can be the exception to the statistics. Educate yourself on what you need financially to walk away from the marriage and come to the bargaining table with your game plan already in place.

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2. "What do I do if my husband is hiding cash and assets?"

This is unacceptable, and possibly even illegal behavior. Become your own undercover agent and private investigator. You can use the legal system to your advantage to help you hunt for assets and to discover whether your husband helped himself to property that is legally yours. Then you can get compensated if he did.

3. "My husband has been going on wild spending sprees since I filed for divorce. It’s obvious he is trying to deprive me from receiving a more valuable settlement package. What do I do?"

You can go to divorce court to stop him in his tracks by getting a formal court order to restrain his conduct. Then you can ask a judge to punish him for his actions and re-imburse you for your share.

4. "This economy has really hurt our family finances. Divorces are so expensive. How do I get through the process without spending all my money?"

You can drastically cut your legal fees by beginning property and money negotiations on your own BEFORE you file for divorce or immediately after. Property division negotiations seem to go smoother the earlier in the process they are accomplished, since once litigation begins you and your husband become official adversaries, your legal fees will inevitably start piling up.

5. "What is the secret weapon I can use to win my divorce?"

To come out a financial winner, use my one-of-a-kind strategic Pre-Divorce Plan, BEFORE your husband learns you want a divorce or immediately after you get served with divorce papers. The best way to come out ahead is to implement the plan by keeping your husband in the dark about your divorce planning tactics and then come at him from a position of power.

6. "Help! Most people are worried about losing their house in foreclosure. I am worried about losing mine in my divorce. How do I keep the house after I divorce my spouse?"

In many states, if you leave the house, you lose the house after a divorce action is filed. To maintain your legal right to keep the marital residence, remove yourself from his space, but not from your place. Never move out of the house or ‘temporarily’ stay with a friend after the divorce papers are filed.

7. "My husband cheated and spent our money on his mistress. I want justice. What are my options?"

Want revenge on a cheating spouse? Have your attorney take the deposition of your husband’s girlfriend. There is nothing better than watching your spouse squirm when the most intimate details of his love affair are exposed in the deposition conference room. But even better, her testimony may yield important evidence for your divorce case... such as whether, during the marriage, he was spending your money on expensive gifts you never received or on hotel rooms in which you never stayed. This may be your chance to get the money he spent on her, back in your pocket.

8. "We have divided most of the property, but I my husband can afford to pay more in my divorce settlement. What are some additional items I can bargain for in my divorce?"

Now would be a great time to cash in with creative property division solutions. Get your husband to foot the bill to make your life better after the divorce. Negotiate for him to pay your health club membership, therapist’s bills, spa treatments, or that plastic surgery you’ve always wanted. Get your share of the frequent flier miles, continued "friends and family" perks and discounts, or free goods and services for life from his company or business.

9. "This divorce is devastating to me and draining all my energy. I feel like I am losing control emotionally and don’t know how much longer I can keep this up..."

Don’t let emotions compromise the outcome of your divorce case. Before making any drastic or dramatic decisions, like showing up on his doorstep in the middle of the night or at his office with a pot of boiling bunny... stop and wait 24 hours. Give yourself a cooling-off period. A night’s sleep may completely change your perspective. Acting out impulsively against your spouse may not only embarrass you and damage any goodwill left between you, but could also result in you receiving a diminished property settlement award if your behavior gets reported to the judge.