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I am offended by your blatant sexism. Thank you for setting back equality by pulling this kind of bullshit.
By : Anon Email : 44caliberaspirin@gmail.com
Date/time : 08/14/08 10:18:54

Name : Anonymous
Email : member57316105@nybella.com
Answer : I completely agree with you Anon, imagine the controversy if a man had written it and it had been called "She Had It Coming".
Date/Time : 08/14/08 22:38:32

Name : testing
Email : test@testing.com
Answer : testing this
Date/Time : 11/03/08 16:58:45

Name : Marti
Email : martincandi50@yahoo.com
Answer : Then go ahead and write one if it bothers you so bad. Its a free country and we all hae the right to express words of wisdome for either sex!
Date/Time : 03/29/10 10:27:07

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