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I left an abusive household where my husband was the sole breadwinner, he makes $27.00 an hour. I was a stay at home mom for the past 20 years. Upon leaving I am living with my mother who lives on social security, SSI and receives food stamps. I am on medical assistance for cancer medicines. If my mother were to die I am homeless. I left home on Feb.8th 2008. It is now March 9th 2009 and I finally have a hearing on March 11th. What are my chances of getting any temporary spousal support from my husband?
By : Kelly Gillespie Email : gillespiekelly69@yahoo.com
Date/time : 03/09/09 02:14:10

Name : roxanne
Email : endanimalabuse3@aol.com
Answer : try legal aid
Date/Time : 11/27/09 16:57:50

Name : shawn
Email : shawn_eardley@att.net
Answer : good luck and stay on top of them. i got help from a large city "ministries: and ended up with no house, no vehicle and no child support in which 1 of the 3 vehicles and the house were in both our names. I borrowed against a home i owned before we got married to buy current house--which is classified as seperate property, paid closing costs and down payment and got nothing. my lawyer turned inmy deposition 2 days late, so all the information i collected and organized for weeks was not admissable--financial documents and proof of abusive behavior. My lawyer actually told me"you were the one that married him" like i cant complain because i married him. i had no money no job no alimony no child support so i depended on a friend to survive and havent come to support myself yet. stay on to of whoever you get and good luck.
Date/Time : 03/29/10 17:11:22

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