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Any Advice on Appearing at a Master Hearing
Tomorrow I am going before a Master with my lawyer, my ex and his lawyer because we were unable to come to aggreable settlement. We were married 32 years, have four children 29,27,24, and 11. I am custodial parent of 11 year old. He has a history of "friendships"--affairs denied. We have 3 homes and one income property to divide. He can retire early from Govt. next year and get job in private sector. I am a school secretary. He does not see the two middle girls and due to an anger scene, I told his girlfriend (who he lives with) that he could not see her until he got the help he needed. He has not asked to see her in over a month.
By : Pam Email : pamoz55@aol.com
Date/time : 05/14/09 07:28:43

Name : Putra
Email : vjlafjx4pq@mail.com
Answer : I highly doubt that you would find a free lywear for a divorce if you do find one they probably will not represent you well try these people. The Law Offices ofPhillips, Lerner,Lauzon Jamra LLP 2029 Century Park EastSuite 1200Los Angeles, CA 90067 Tel:(310) 277-7117Fax:(310) 277-0971
Date/Time : 12/30/15 08:01:05

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